Beginner’s Guide: Psychedelic Trip 101

mushrooms shrooms psilocybin

So, you’re taking a psychedelic trip? Great, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Here are the basics to having a good time, whether it’s with LSD, mushrooms, or San Pedro. Follow these and you’re onto a winner. […]

User’s Guide: Taking San Pedro in Peru

san pedro wachuma cactus powder

My experience of drinking San Pedro in the Sacred Valley was an incredibly powerful, humbling and beautiful experience. I would seriously recommend it to anyone inclined to such experiences. It was a highlight of months of travel in […]

Why You Really Should Learn Spanish If You’re Travelling Latin America

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico or Central or South America, the first piece of advice I would give you is: learn Spanish! Unlike travelling a region like South-East Asia where every country has […]

How To Learn Spanish Whilst Travelling in Latin America (For Free)

If you’re planning a trip to Latin or South America and don’t yet speak any Spanish, now is the time to learn. On a basic level it will make your day to day life much […]

How To Meditate As A Traveller

Isabell Winter

Finding the time and a place to meditate whilst travelling can be troublesome if not non-existent. Travel and meditation are two of the most important things in my life but they haven’t always been so […]