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Hi, welcome to Maps Of The Mind. I’m John.

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Maps Of The Mind is a blog to share my thoughts and experiences, a place to write about things that interest me and that I think will be useful to others. I consider myself a student of life and live on a quest for adventure, growth and self realisation. I hope you’ll find something here to help you on your way.

Here are some of the more popular posts to get you started…


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 – A 10-Day Vipassana course is a great thing to do if you’re serious about meditation. This is  a post about what you can expect and how to make the most if your course.

 – If you’re new to meditation, guided meditations are a great place to start, offering instructions to help you learn. Here is a list of the best free resources that I’ve found online.

 – Looking to go improve your mindfulness, learn more, or strengthen your meditation practice? Here are my top ten ways that I’ve found to develop a meditation practice.


 – My thoughts and concerns on the growing popularity of microdosing.

‘Spiritual Atheist’ Sam Harris on the Mind-Expanding Power of Psychedelics – Do psychedelics really have the power to open  minds? Best-selling author Sam Harris shares his view.

6 Reasons You Might Take Psychedelic Drugs – I grew up with a negative image of all drugs, including psychedelics. To redress the balance, here’s a rundown of some of the positive effects of psychedelics.

User’s Guide: Taking San Pedro in Peru – Information about taking the mescaline containing cactus in Peru.

User’s Guide: Picking Peyote – Read this if you’re planning on harvesting peyote. I’ve included a step-by-step on how to remove the cactus from the ground without further endangering the at risk species.

Experiences & Trip Reports:

4 Days On LSD: Daily Microdosing from the Desert of Chile to the Salt Flats of Bolivia – A detailed report of my micro/metho-dosing experiment on a road trip through the desert, taking acid for four consecutive days.

 – A mix of a blog and a report, this details the first time experience of my friend Sophie’s first time taking LSD, a trip we shared together in Bolivia.

Mystical Cactus In The Sacred Valley Of The Incas – One of my best ever trips was taking San Pedro in Peru. I still look back on this one with great fondness and gratitude.

Lysergic Waves On The Sands Of Uruguay – Another one of my favourites, cycling to a deserted beach on a tab of acid and pondering language and perception.

Elusive Ayahuasca Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 – – A three-part series on my week long stay at an ayahuasca retreat centre on the edge of the amazon rainforest. 3 ceremonies and 15 cups in the Santo Daime tradition.


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How Living Abroad Taught Me About The Country I Left – Travel can change our perceptions on all manner of things, including our own countries.

The Ultimate Stoner’s Destination: Amsterdam vs. Colorado – Guest post comparing the two cities for a weed lover’s vacation.

 – Uruguay was the first country in the world to (re) legalise weed. But it wasn’t quite what I expected. So what is the reality there?

Some Others

Hacking Creativity: Shortcut To A Creative Mental State – Want to know how to hack creativity and get ‘in the zone’? Enter an optimal state of consciousness where you feel and perform better? Here’s a cheap, simple, and effective hack.

Fuck Mainstream Culture, Escape The Matrix: Live YOUR Life – Take ownership of your life, what media you consume and how you spend your time. It has a profoud effect on your life.

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