Welcome to day 5 PSYJuly 🙂 Sorry we’re late today, laptop was giving me hell!

Anywho, do you want to be a serious psychonaut? Better get practicing. Here are three of the best…

Keep a Store of Substances

Keeping a well-maintained home store is important.

Firstly, so that when the opportunity arises for a session or trip, you’re ready. Maybe the weather’s beautiful, your schedule’s free and you think ‘today’s the day to take acid in the woods’. Maybe at the last minute your parents say they’re going away for the weekend, boom, now’s the time for that session you’ve been holding out for. Maybe you have a friend coming to visit from out of town.

In all those cases, you are then ready with your gear. You do not need to only then start thinking ‘oh how am I going to get the drugs? Where am I going to get them from? I need to make phone calls…’ and then you get into this whole mess. I’ve been there. It sucks. I learned to keep a well maintained stash at all times. Because it’s not always easy to come by.

psychedelics stash store psychonauts best practices

Second to that, store well. This means having things in well labelled containers. You don’t want to mix up ketamine with your MDMA. You don’t want to have something in your store for months, only to later realise you have some white powder and you don’t know what it is. And you especially do not want to mix your 2-CB with ketamine. A friend of mine did that before and boy did he get himself into a wild ride.

Also, make sure that substances are stored in the conditions conducive to their preservation. Normally that means a cool, dark, dry place. This is important to preserve potency. Some bags of silica can be helpful. Finally, make sure they will not easily be stumbled upon by anyone who is in your space. Hide or stash deeply, when appropriate.


Know Your Doses

Basic, but important. And often overlooked.

Just as you don’t wanna mix up your ketamine with your 2-CB, you don’t want to accidentally queue up a line of 2-CB and snort it, to only then realise that wow, thats coming on quickly, and wow this is pretty strong, to then in confusion check on psychonautwiki and realise that you’ve actually taken an oral dose; a dose which is much stronger than you were intending. Yes that happened to me. It actually ended up being a great trip. However, that is not something I would recommend and is not good practice.

Know what is a low dose, a medium dose, a high dose, and a very high dose. Know this for every substance that you consume.

Keeping a written or printed copy of all relevant doses for all relevant substances in your cabinet is a good practice. When you come to dosing, you do not need to faff around, you know where to find that information. You might also keep this information on the back page of your drug journal for easy reference.

Make sure you are clear on what are grams, milligrams, and micrograms and that what you are taking matches what the scale is showing. If your scale only shows the weight in grams and your reference information is in milligrams, it can help to have a reference sheet which has the doses in the different equivalents.


Continue to Learn About the Substances

This is a great practice to deepen relationships with different substances.

The stronger your relationship with substances the more you will get out of them. Basic knowledge also helps for general safe practice. Beyond that, this is also rewarding in its own right if you are interested in psychedelics and want to learn more. Especially good if you have an interest in working in the field, because then it’s kind of like doing homework.

psychonaut wiki

I’ve found that learning a bit about the history of plants and where they originate enriches my relationship with them and therefore my experiences. Learning about when it was first used, looking at pictures of plants, what country it was first synthesized in, early explorers who were first to document their findings with the drug or mushroom are all the types of information I like to geek out on. This is where you can also build up your botanical, historical and chemical knowledge which is important for any budding psychonaut.

Tip: Every time you take a substance, learn just one thing about it, or spend 5-minutes reading about and refreshing your knowledge on it. PsychonautWiki is a great resource for this. 

That’s it. Those are three best practices for the psychonaut. It also kinda goes without saying at this point, to have a meditation practice. But I’ve already written about that here, here, here, and here.

Get practicing, I wish you well. Have an awesome day!