facilitating psychedelic experiences course learn how to facilitate tripsitting

Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences

Learn how to safely and successfully facilitate psychedelic experiences

🍄 Are you interested in becoming a psychedelic facilitator, but don’t know where to start?

🍄 Do you love the idea of hosting sessions, but lack confidence and are unsure what type of support you could offer?

🍄 Do you already have experience, but would like to improve your ability to successfully facilitate experiences, both for yourself and others?

Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences is an online workshop to help you improve your ability to successfully facilitate psychedelic experiences. In this workshop, you’ll explore what it means to facilitate, dive into ideas with others, and consider what type of facilitator you’d like to be.

Explore the topic in a fun and interactive format. You will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of facilitation and more confidence to organize your own sessions.

The workshop is suitable for enthusiastic beginners but will also be of interest to those with experience in the area seeking to connect with like-minded others.

This workshop has been delivered live four times, and now the recordings and workbook are available for all.



The workshop is composed of four sections, diving into various types of facilitation. Each section includes a theoretical segment and an interactive segment. Interactive segments are a mix of discussion prompts, journaling, and mindfulness exercises.

1. Sitting

In the first section we explore tripsitting. We look at and explore:

  • Different terms: Facilitator – Guide – Tripsitter – Therapist – Shaman – Spaceholder
  • Different roles, responsibilities, and types of support and interaction: emotional/technical, active/receptive.
  • Best practices and self-care as a sitter
  • Listening
  • What type of facilitator you could and would like to be…

2. Organizing Sessions

A section on organizing trips, sessions, and ceremonies. We look at and explore:

  • The Dream Trip
  • Logistics
  • Ratio of facilitators to journeyers
  • Group vs. 1-1

3. Group Sessions

A section on group sessions and ceremonies. We look at and explore:

  • Selecting company: who to trip with and how to choose
  • Group connection
  • Crafting the setting

4. Solo Trips

A section on solo trips. We look at and explore:

  • Dangers and risks
  • Standby sitter
  • The ‘ghost sitter’
  • Navigation

On-Demand Videos

All lessons are online via 3 hours of video lessons so you can watch whenever you like. The material is broken into smaller segments so you work through it one section at a time.

You Also Receive a PDF Workbook

You will also receive access to a PDF with information and exercises so you can refresh your memory and integrate learnings.

Session Framework Document

This is a standard document that I pull out and run through with clients before sessions. It brings structure and clarity and sets the stage for a safe and smooth experience.

It includes session agreements, and my role, objective, and needs as a sitter.

Preparing For The Journey Document

The Preparing For The Journey document can be helpful for the journeyer to be prepared for their session.

It contains some basic navigation guidelines, techniques to use if nervous or tense, and an overview of set, setting and common effects.


Your investment in Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences is $99.


We would like to keep access to our educational offerings accessible, so if you would like to enroll but are unable to because of financial reasons, please email john [at] mapsofthemind.com

7 Day Guarantee

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There are no forms to fill out, no questions to answer. Just email me letting me you’d like a refund, and I’ll send it back to the method you used to make the payment.

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About The Facilitator

John Robertson is a psychedelic educator and guide with experience in the fields of mindfulness and personal growth. He is the teacher of The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer and lead creator at Maps of the Mind. He is founder and lead facilitator of New Moon Retreats and has worked as a tripsitter at legal psilocybin retreats in Jamaica and the Netherlands. He has experience with a wide range of substances and has facilitated or participated in 200+ psychedelic sessions. He has a passion for sharing his learnings with others on their journey of discovery with psychedelics.

What People Are Saying About John

“My first experience with mushrooms has been just amazing. From the arrangements to my trip to Amsterdam to the session day. It has been a journey of very deep and profound learnings that have definitely been life-changing. I found John’s services through google (no previous recommendations) and since the first zoom meeting, it just felt right for me. He has been extremely professional and I have reached the best I could from my very first experience.

– Laura, 1-1 Client

John is a dedicated, grounded psychedelic facilitator. Journeyers trust him because of his calm, smiling demeanour. He supported a couple of our group psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands, and we would invite him back without hesitation. Highly recommend anything he offers.”
– Chi, Mushroom Tao & Truffles Therapy

What a great introduction to facilitating psychedelic experiences. I appreciated the small groups and the opportunity to meet and chat with the other participants. It was helpful to brainstorm in detail what sort of set and setting I would want to create for participants. Thanks for an educational time!

– BG, Facilitating Psychdedelic Experiences Workshop, October ’22

“I would recommend working with John to pretty much anyone that is looking for someone to facilitate a session.

I felt the preparations, advice and reassurance coming up to the actual session had a dramatic effect on its success. It helped me formulate my intentions clearly, and make informed decisions about the timing, set-up, and dose. Most importantly, it helped me manage my expectations in a way that, in retrospect, really set things up for a successful and meaningful experience.

Coming up to the session, we’ve discussed the set-up and fine-tuned the amount of involvement and intervention under different scenarios that may come up during a session. Everyone is different, and John’s experience and ability to advise, accommodate and tailor the session to what I was looking for has made all the difference.

– Eric, 1-1 Client

“I had been doing self-guided trips for a little while before taking the course. I had plateaued but felt there was more work to do. Through this course I was able to develop a more disciplined practice and my trips have been much more fruitful.

“I had been doing self-guided trips for a little while before taking the course. I had plateaued but felt there was more work to do. Through this course I was able to develop a more disciplined practice and my trips have been much more fruitful.

John has supported me on my journey with respect, kindness and an open mind. His wealth of experience and learning within the psychedelic movement is something he’s eager to share, and I would recommend him to anyone whatever their stage on the journey, whether for a first experience, or to support developing an independent practice. I have learned so much from John, which I take with me on every journey.”

– Tim, 1-1 support and New Moon Retreat participant

“I feel confident and excited for my next trip because I feel more prepared and have a good understanding of what I’m doing and how to make the most of the experience. I’m also not going to worry too much or try to control an outcome before a trip. More just plan for what I can and then let it unfold as it will.

– Rebecca, The Conscious Psychedelic Practitioner Cohort #1

John held the space for our group in a very loving and kind way but he also knows how to facilitate group dynamics. He understood how to elicit the wisdom available in the group and allowed a natural unfolding where I felt myself and others all had something to share. There were not too many people in our group which was very nice and personal. The difference between us all was big, some had little experience and others very specific knowledge but John somehow brought it all into coherence and I truly learned a lot.

– Maya, The Conscious Psychedelic Practitioner Cohort #1

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