Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences

✅ Transform Lives Through Psychedelic Experiences​
From Support Strategies to Core Facilitation Skills, Equip Yourself to Support
Others Through the Transformational Psychedelic Experience

What People Are Saying About John

On Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences:

“Before the course I was completely “without a compass” about what “to do” or where to start in case someone asked me to facilitate and/or “space hold” a psychedelic experience for her/him. After taking this course I now have a solid framework and a foundation to begin with and from here I can identify more easily where I am as a facilitator and what I’d like to improve as a facilitator in the future.

My favourite parts were “Best practices” (especially the “Listening” section) and the bonus for “Solo tripping”. If you are thinking about purchasing this course, go for it! Much of the content (if you apply the right subtleties) is appropriate not only to be used as a facilitator for psychedelics session, but also in every interaction that you might have with another human being”

Steven, Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences

“John has the wisdom of experience and a passion for passing that wisdom on in his classes. I have never spent time with him that I didn’t come away in a better place. My biggest takeaway from this course has been understanding how to support another person in a journey. This has helped me craft my own journeys in a more productive and responsible manner and although I have not yet facilitated a journey for another person, I do feel equipped by the materials if that opportunity presents itself.”

Martin, USA

“I’ve just finished the Facilitator Course and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it but also how much I took from it! It all made perfect sense and felt like you really had thought about absolutely everything! There was nothing in there that was of any real concern to me and I’m left with a feeling that yes, this all resonates with me, deeply and clearly. It has really consolidated my thoughts and feelings around wanting to train, get experience and follow this path.”

Florence, UK

“5 ⭐ . Really informative, clear, covered all basics that I needed to learn. Many thanks 🙏🏻 😁”

Amanda, UK

“What a great introduction to facilitating psychedelic experiences. Thanks for an educational time!”

“Thank you John for your knowledge.”

“I liked the course, it has a good structure and John has been very helpful in giving recommendations for very specific use cases.”

Sarah, Germany

On John as a Facilitator:

“I would recommend working with John to pretty much anyone that is looking for someone to facilitate a session.

I felt the preparations, advice and reassurance coming up to the actual session had a dramatic effect on its success. It helped me formulate my intentions clearly, and make informed decisions about the timing, set-up, and dose. Most importantly, it helped me manage my expectations in a way that, in retrospect, really set things up for a successful and meaningful experience.

Coming up to the session, we’ve discussed the set-up and fine-tuned the amount of involvement and intervention under different scenarios that may come up during a session. Everyone is different, and John’s experience and ability to advise, accommodate and tailor the session to what I was looking for has made all the difference.

Eric, 1-1 Client

John is a dedicated, grounded psychedelic facilitator. Journeyers trust him because of his calm, smiling demeanour. He supported a couple of our group psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands, and we would invite him back without hesitation. Highly recommend anything he offers.”

Chi, Mushroom Tao

“My first experience with mushrooms has been just amazing. From the arrangements to my trip to Amsterdam to the session day. It has been a journey of very deep and profound learnings that have definitely been life-changing. I found John’s services through google (no previous recommendations) and since the first zoom meeting, it just felt right for me. He has been extremely professional and I have reached the best I could from my very first experience.”

Laura, 1-1 Client

I'm going to bet you fall into one or more of these categories...

🍄 You’re passionate about supporting others in their psychedelic journeys, but uncertain how to move forward on this path. You lack the clear know-how on the types of support needed, the diverse roles a facilitator can play, and the foundational basics crucial for effective guidance
🍄 You grapple with self-doubt and fear, unsure if you have the tools to guide others safely through psychedelic experiences. The puzzle of facilitation has missing pieces, causing anxiety in a field where seekers crave authentic assistance.
🍄 You’re eager to support transformative psychedelic journeys, but lack confidence in your ability to navigate the complexities. You find yourself uncertain about the different types of support needed, the varied roles a facilitator can play, and the essential basics for effective guidance.
In your journey toward becoming a proficient psychedelic facilitator, you’ve likely dipped your toes into various resources, seeking guidance from online forums, books, or workshops. It’s a common path, and I get it. However, these well-intentioned approaches might be steering you into murky waters:

🍄 Navigating online forums can feel like traversing a chaotic landscape of conflicting opinions and unverified anecdotes. These platforms can offer valuable insights, but they often lack the structured, comprehensive knowledge needed to guide you through the multifaceted role of a psychedelic facilitator. Piecing together fragmented advice can lead to confusion rather than clarity, leaving you with uncertainty and a fear of overlooking critical aspects.

🍄 The internet is flooded with articles and workshops on psychedelic facilitation. However, many of these resources provide generic, one-size-fits-all solutions that fail to address the nuanced challenges you face. Engaging with sporadic online events can be like collecting puzzle pieces from different sets—you end up with a scattered picture that lacks cohesion. Without a comprehensive framework, you might find yourself with lots of disjointed information, unable to weave it into a cohesive skill set.

Failing to address facilitation challenges puts journeyers’ well-being at risk. Without a structure, you risk unintended harm, from legal issues to emotional distress. By not equipping yourself, you will continue to hinder opportunities for healing and growth. Inaction extends beyond personal setbacks, impacting the broader psychedelic landscape and further healing opportunities.

Recognize the stakes, and ensure your guided journeys are grounded in knowledge and empathy.

Now, slow your scroll for a sec.

Picture a future where your passion for psychedelic facilitation aligns with your newfound confidence and knowledge.

You step into your role as a guide with clarity, equipped to navigate the complexities of supporting others on profound journeys.

You have confidence and assurance, offering genuine support to seekers in search of transformation.

Your personal growth and the positive impact you make on others become interconnected, creating a harmonious and fulfilling journey.

Hello, I'm John Robertson

I’m a psychedelic facilitator and educator with experience in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth.

I’m the creator at Maps of the Mind, and in 2018 I founded one of the first legal psychedelic retreats in the world.

Through my work, I help people use psychedelics for exploration, insight, healing, and growth.

My approach is influenced by methods found in psychedelic therapy, scientific research, wisdom traditions of the East, and my own experience as a psychedelic explorer and facilitator.

I was drawn to this work because on a personal level, I’ve experienced my most healing experiences and biggest growth spurts during and in the integration of psychedelic journeys.

I had a life-changing initiation into the psychedelic world in 2011, and was drawn to investigate these mysterious experiences more deeply.

I continued to personally explore them in all kinds of contexts around the world. Everything from shamanic approaches to solo nature trips to modern group retreats.

Over the years I tried many methods and approaches. Sometimes I’d have wonderful and insightful experiences, other times I’d emerge from my journeys feeling disappointed.

Gradually, I got more studious and systematic about my approach.

In 2017, I put everything together and crafted a simple psychedelic ceremony for myself.

I had my most profound journey to date.
It opened my heart, catapulted my personal growth, and reignited my appreciation of the immense potential of psychedelics.

This experience drew me to help and support others on their psychedelic journeys, and since then I’ve worked with hundreds of people, helping them to use psychedelics for healing, growth, and transformation.

I continue to facilitate, write and teach on the topic, and seeing and hearing about the positive changes in people’s lives is what continues to inspire my work.

This lead me to create Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences and hand over information to help people step into the role of being a psychedelic facilitator.

This is a step-by-step course with practical resources to help you safely and effectively support others in their psychedelic exploration.



Facilitating Psychedelic Experiences Offers Unmatched Value:

Starting on the journey of becoming a skilled psychedelic facilitator shouldn’t be a financial burden or a massive commitment. This course combines affordability and self-paced learning—giving high value with flexibility.

Affordability Without Compromise:

I believe knowledge and transformation should be accessible to all. Our course offers top-quality content at a fraction of the cost asked by other programs.

Self-Paced Freedom:

Life is busy, and committing to rigid schedules can be tricky. With our self-paced course, you dictate the tempo. Dive into lessons when it suits you, allowing flexibility in your learning journey. No need to rearrange your life; our course adapts to your schedule, ensuring you get the most out of every module.


The course is composed of four sections, diving into various types of facilitation. Each section includes a theoretical segment and an exercise to help you consider your role as a psychedelic facilitator:

You’ll also receive these facilitation documents that I use to improve the safety and efficacy of your sessions:

🍄 Intake Form

This is a standard intake form to collect key information on those wishing to embark on a psychedelic experience. This is crucial information helps with screening and assessment, and helps improve the preparation process.

🍄 Session Framework Document

This is a standard document that I pull out and run through with clients before sessions. It brings structure and clarity and sets the stage for a safe and smooth experience.

It includes session agreements, and my role, objective, and needs as a sitter.

🍄 Preparing For The Journey Document

This document helps the journeyer to prepare for their session. It contains basic navigation guidelines, techniques to use if nervous or tense, and an overview of set, setting and common effects.

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✅ Schedule your consultation within one month of purchase, and get further clarity and support on your path forward.

✅ After the call, receive a detailed summary of notes, with relevant links and any actions discussed on the call.

Hello, I’m John Robertson, the guy behind Maps of the Mind.

I’m a psychedelic educator and facilitator with experience in the fields of mindfulness, meditation and personal growth.

I have over a decade of personal experience with psychedelics, founded one of the first legal psychedelic retreats in the world, and have helped hundreds of people safely and effectively work with psychedelics since 2017.

My work is founded on the belief that intentional psychedelic experiences are the most potent catalyst for individual transformation. My work centres around the themes of access, empowerment, and community.

john robertson maps of the mind psychedelics

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I offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, just contact me within 7 days of enrolling and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked, no strings attached.

I want you to feel assured in your purchase and have a chance to try it risk-free. I just ask that you engage with the course and make an effort to implement what you’ve learned.

Still here?
Here’s a little doorway into my world…

If you know me, you know I have a playful side. I like to play music, go to shows, and crack silly jokes.

But what you may not know is how deeply unsatisfied I am with the state of the world. I believe we live in a world that seriously needs healing.

We are faced with many problems: political corruption, warfare, racism, greed, wealth inequality, and a massive mental health epidemic.

We have a few things to work on. And I want to play my part in changing the world for the better. That is the reason why I focus so much on psychedelics.

It’s not only because I love them (I do, too), but because I truly believe that psychedelics have the power to positively change the world by positively changing the individuals that make up the world, one at a time.

And I believe you can play your part in changing the world too. By learning to support others to heal, grow and transform.

Connecting to dreams, facing our fears, growing, and learning. I believe that’s what we’re here for.

So if you understand the transformative potential of psychedelics and are ready to step into the role of becoming a psychedelic facilitator, then get in here. I’m with you.

Payment Options

Essential Course Access

✅  Full Curriculum

  •         Video Lessons
  •         Exercises

✅ PDF Workbook

✅  Facilitation Documents, including the Intake Form and Session Framework

Premium Package

 Everything in Essential Course Plus:

✅ Elevate your experience with a 1-hour personal consultation call.

  • This call will offer you the exclusive opportunity for questions and tailored guidance.

✅ Schedule your consultation within one month of purchase, and get further clarity and support on your path forward.

✅ After the call, receive a detailed summary of notes, with relevant links and any actions discussed on the call.