Psychedelic Deep Dive Course

A one of a kind psychedelic course

Would you like to improve, expand or deepen your use of psychedelics?

Connect with other experienced explorers?

R/EVOLUTION is for you.

R/EVOLUTION is a deep dive co-creative community experience for psychedelic explorers. One of a kind, this course is designed to empower you to find an effective and personalised approach to using psychedelics for transformation and growth.

R/evolution will aid you on your path of psychedelic exploration so you can:

  • go deeper on your journeys
  • reap positive and lasting effects
  • explore different ways of using psychedelics
  • cultivate a more focused approach
  • explore and implement complimentary practices
  • connect with others

R/evolution will give you the tools and momentum needed to continue your psychedelic journey long after the course has finished.

To learn more, read a recent blog post about the course here

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Tickets to the Revolution

INITIATOR – £99.77 – 5 places – USE COUPON: INITIATOR (Includes a free 1hr 1 to 1 call with John + bonus access to Online Tripsitting Workshop, coming by March 2022)

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Scholarships and Student Discounts Available

We would like to keep this experience accessible to all, so if you would like to join R/evolution but are unable to because of financial reasons, please email john@mapsofthemind.com and tell us a bit about why you would like to participate and why you qualify.

30 Audio Lessons

Guide you through the process of understanding your psychedelic story, preparing for and integrating psychedelic experiences, and creating your own personalised protocols and rituals.

Download or stream lessons and go at your own pacing.
(10 – 20 minutes per lesson)

Community Calls on Zoom

Connect with and receive inspiration from your fellow explorers. Calls are also intended to offer support and deepen understanding of the material. Calls will be structured and include space for sharing, connection and exercises in small groups, and Q&A.

Dates for community calls:

  • Next live group enrolment opens early 2022. To be kept up to date, join the newsletter

All calls will be recorded and will be available to stream to view in your own time for up to a month after the course has ended.

Personal Journaling Exercises

Journaling can be a very powerful practice. Journaling prompts will be given throughout the course to explore the material more deeply. All you need is a pen and paper.

Community Access

Access to a private signal group to ask questions and share learnings with other members as we go through the course.

Guided Meditation Practice

Explore guided meditations and awareness exercises throughout the course. These are designed to help cultivate an ideal mindset for a psychedelic explorer.

Creative Exercises

You will be invited to draw upon your creativity as we guide you through the process of creating a personalised approach to using psychedelics. The level of personal input is up to each participant and examples and templates will be given.

Course Material Is Subject To Change

The final content and material will be based on input from the first cohort. Below is an outline to find an aligned group for this co-creative experience.

Module 1 – Path Preparation

In the first module we will explore the fundamentals of working with psychedelics. This will include:

  • Intentions
  • Mindset
  • Relationship With Psychedelics
  • Inner Resources
  • Support
  • Awareness
  • Clearing
  • Self Care

Module 2 – Session Preparation

In the second module we will begin preparing for a session. This will include:

  • Session Styles
  • Logistics
  • Routines & Rituals
  • Agreements
  • Setting Space

Create Your Own Protocol

Module 2 includes a create your own protocol segment. This asks you, the explorer, to choose what type of session you would like to prepare for based on your intention.

Example session types include:

  • Inner Journey
  • Creative
  • Nature connection
  • Open session

Once you have chosen a session type, you will then be guided through the process of creating your own personalised preparation protocol, with templates and examples. By the end of the module you will have your own individualised preparations, and be ready to embark on your next journey.

Explorers will be able to repeat this section of the course at any time in the future when wanting to explore a new direction or application with psychedelics.

Module 3 – Session Integration

In module 3 we will explore ways of integrating a specific psychedelic experience. This will include:

  • The craft of remembering
  • Envisioning a path forward
  • Session Review
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Integrating your psychedelic self

Module 4 – Path Integration

In this module we will explore how to integrate on the path of psychedelics. This includes:

  • Your psychedelic story
  • Coming out the closet
  • Finding the others
  • The magic of music
  • Working with different doses and schedules
  • Dreaming
  • Spreading psychedelics

Epilogue – Community Creation & Wrapping Up

We will finish by having a lesson that is a short collection from the first cohort of course participants, followed by a review lesson to identify and integrate learnings over the previous 29 lessons.

Be Part of

A Unique Co-Creative Experience

This course IS for you if:

  • You want to expand, improve, and deepen your use of psychedelics
  • You have experience with psychedelics and would like to have a more focused and intentional approach
  • You want to learn how to use psychedelics for self-development
  • You are passionate about psychedelics
  • You believe psychedelics are a catalyst for positive change in the world
  • You already using psychedelics, or already planning your next session
  • You want to be part of a community which shares their learnings with each other
  • You want to connect with others on the path

This course IS NOT for you if:

  • You have never taken a psychedelic substance
  • You don’t respect the power of psychedelics
  • You are not sure if you will take a psychedelic (again)
  • You think psychedelics should only be used in a clinical model
  • You believe access to psychedelics should be tightly controlled by governments or medical establishments


We do not encourage any illegal behaviour. This course offers advice for people who are already using psychedelics and the information offered is with the interest of harm reduction and benefit maximisation.

A Community Experience

The live calls will offer you a chance to connect with your fellow explorers. There will also be access to a private Signal group to ask questions and share learnings as we go through the course. Participants will also be encouraged to self-organise peer led calls. Lesson designs were based on input during the creation of the course.

All calls will be 1 hour long starting at 7pm CET / 6pm GMT / 2pm EST.

Dates for live group calls:

  • Next live group sessions coming early 2022. To be informed of next enrolment, join the newsletter

Calls are recorded and will be available to stream to view in your own time for up to a month after the course has ended.

By the end of the course you will have:

– Your own personalised protocols for using psychedelics

– Your own opening and closing ritual or routine for a session

– Identified your inner resources via guided meditation

– Developed your own preparation and integration system

– Your own personalised self care kit

You will:

– Reflect on your psychedelic story

– Gain insight into your ‘psychedelic self’

– Have an opportunity to connect with the others

Access to:

  • A community of like minded peers
  • Database of playlists for use with psilocybin, ketamine and MDMA
  • Bonus guided meditations
  • Top tips for creative sessions (PDF)
  • Lifetime access to the course including any future updates

6 Month Group Follow Up Call

To check in, catch up, and reconnect with the group.

Planning a Session in the Context of the Course

Between chapters 2 and 3 of the course is an opportune time to plan for a session in the context of the course. This will fall between the session preparation and integration modules. This is only an optional add-on for you to organise as your own responsibility, and is not necessary to complete the course. It will not be facilitated as part of the course.

If you are unable to or do not wish to conduct a session at this time, you can draw upon a previous psychedelic experience to complete the session integration chapter. You can also wait until you have had your next experience to complete it.

If you are not in a country where psychedelics are legal, you can also substitute your session with another consciousness altering modality, and still have a chance to run through your preparation and integration practices either side of it. This may include breathwork, deep listening session, one day meditation retreat, or a nature hike.

About Your Teacher

Hello, I’m John. I have a passion for sharing my learnings with others on their journey of discovery through psychedelics. Since 2017 I have worked as a psychedelic facilitator, offering private sessions and working at legal group psilocybin retreats in Jamaica and The Netherlands. I am the founder of Maps of the Mind and co-founder and director of New Moon Psychedelic Retreats, one of the first legal psychedelic retreats in the world. I have experience with a wide range of substances and over the last ten years have facilitated, participated, assisted and organised 200+ psychedelic sessions. Read more about me.

I had been taking psychedelics in growing amounts and had experienced some very strong trips which I didn’t understand so wanted some advice from an experienced person. I was working towards ego dissolution. I found John’s website online and after reading some of his blogs and other information it seemed that he had plenty of experience of hallucinogenics and had a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the topic.

On our calls John was very easy to talk to. It was very noticeable how present he was during our Skype talks and what also stuck out was his extremely good listening skills. After speaking with John the main benefit I received was the confidence to carry on working with psychedelics in the most effective manner. He gave me knowledge about the experiences I had and also it was extremely good to be able to share some of my incredible journeys with a person who has also experienced them.

If you are working toward a goal by yourself, John can be a very valuable aid in reaching the goals successfully and also offer you some great advice. I would definitely recommend John to a friend. He is a genuine and experienced psychonaut/guide who is really trying to help people reach their full potential and improve their lives as much as possible. His passion for psychedelics shines through and its that passion in my view that really makes him such a great educator/guide in this field.

John led a psychedelic retreat I took part in with New Moon. Something about the website made it stand out from others, perhaps the team’s commitment to healing. This was my first time ever, having simply read Michael Pollan’s book. I was not disappointed. The combination of meticulous attention to detail behind the scenes, from preparation to integration, with wonderful food in a beautiful setting, and spontaneity and warmth before, after and especially during the session, were the best introduction to the psychedelic universe I can imagine. I was left wanting more. There is an apparent tension between therapeutic and exploratory use of psychedelics, which I feel vanishes with greater experience. John has supported me on this journey, with respect, kindness and an open mind. I now see the therapeutic approach and protocol as just one door it is possible to enter by. John’s wealth of experience and learning within the psychedelic movement is something he’s eager to share, and I would recommend him to anyone whatever their stage on the journey, whether for a first experience, or to support developing an independent practice. I have learned so much from John, which I take with me on every journey as part of my “shamanic self”.

I’ve been researching and experimenting with psychedelics for quite a while, before deciding to go for a full psychedelic experience. It was very clear to me that this has to be done with the support of someone who is experienced and really knows what he’s doing. I’ve had a very good reference from someone that I trust about working with John, and after we spoke, there was no doubt in my mind that I’ve found the person I want to work with.

I felt the preparations, advice and reassurance coming up to the actual session had a dramatic effect on its success. It helped me formulate my intentions clearly, and make informed decisions about the timing, set-up, and dose. Most importantly, it helped me manage my expectations in a way that, in retrospect, really set things up for a successful and meaningful experience.

I would recommend working with John to pretty much anyone that is looking for someone to facilitate a session, and, in fact, I have already done so. Personally, I was looking for a journey that is mostly internal, with just the right amount of interaction and guidance to keep things safe and smooth. Coming up to the session, we’ve discussed the set-up and fine-tuned the amount of involvement and intervention under different scenarios that may come up during a session. Everyone is different, and John’s experience and ability to advise, accommodate and tailor the session to what I was looking for has made all the difference.

“What a focused, kind and genuine person to have there. It’s a potentially vulnerable and meaningful time when you’re experiencing psilocybin. John was engaged, thoughtful and interested in being a positive presence for me. At one point, I had a sense of doom about being male and he deftly reassured me that I was okay and safe and shed some perspective light on the existential crisis. I’d like to thank him very much for his involvement in this psychedelic healing work.”

As soon as I arrived I felt held by John and the team. I also felt totally safe and trusting of their expertise, experience and guidance. They quickly forged a gentle bond in our group and allowed space for us all to build our own individual journeys. The ceremony and the hard work New Moon put in to the retreat means that this process meets you where you are at. I left feeling huge shifts at a conscious and a cellular level in my body. I’m just so grateful for the kindness the team exhibited; the patience and time. It’s taught me so much and augmented my personal growth in a way I never knew would be possible. I’m not sure what I expected before I went, but I don’t think I expected to feel so fondly and cherish the memories I’ve built with New Moon.

“I met John at a group 10 day psilocybin mushroom retreat I attended. I was at the retreat to heal past childhood sexual abuse so it was absolutely necessary to feel safe and supported by those holding space and facilitating while I journeyed. I felt totally safe and supported by John as a facilitator. John’s energy and demeanour instantly put me at ease. He is easy to talk to and confide in. As a woman, having a male presence holding space helped me connect with these wounds since they did take place with a male. Because I felt safe with John I was able to go there. His compassion, non judgement and his passion for this work was palpable.”

“First met John November of 2017 when I was participating at a magic mushroom retreat in Jamaica. While there I went on 4 journeys. John was an excellent facilitator then and he was only just beginning. A wonderful person to integrate with and someone who present an aura of calm and safety while in the space. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who is seeking a sitter.”

“One could not hope for a nicer, more attentive, more chill human being than John when exploring psychedelics for the first time. John listens to you with with his whole attention and is eager to hear what you have to say. He has a good energy for this work. Recommended!”

“I went to Jamaica to a psilocybin women’s retreat in March 2018 pursuing a spiritual journey. John was our guardian during the trips as well as an emotional support. He was incredibly kind and a steady reassuring presence, radiating goodness and always willing to help. In my main trip he appeared as a guardian light, and it was him I would go to for help.”

“At my personal mushroom retreat I found John to be a very compassionate and understanding guide. We were doing high doses of mushrooms on this retreat and John was a steady presence during all our sessions. I would highly recommend John as a facilitator for psychedelic experiences. ”

“John and his team approach this work with integrity and care. It is evident his whole team are motivated above all by the potential of this work to bring healing.
My ceremony was emotionally challenging but I felt supported and infinitely cared for throughout. It was a cathartic, painful, powerful experience I would not have missed for the world.
I haven’t had a private session with John yet – my experience was in a group retreat that he ran with New Moon – but I’m delighted to hear that he is starting up private sessions, I will be back as soon as I possibly can!

“I attended a psilocybin retreat in May 2018 as a first-timer to psychedelics. Feeling safe and secure during the sessions was of outmost importance to me. John attended as a facilitator and was part of providing the particular safety needed. Also, I found John to be attuned to my experience during the sessions and he was available on request if needed. All in all, I have no hesitations in recommending John as a facilitator in a psilocybin retreat.”

“After having arrived in Jamaica for the Mycomeditations retreat, I began talking to John at a restaurant outside of the airport. We spoke about my reasons for considering psilocybin, and I remember thinking that he was a receptive and kind-hearted person. John has the seriousness and respect for the psychedelic experience that most people will never be able to acquire no matter how many times they dose. His body language and his speech are very deliberate. When I discovered that John would be my sitter—just before I ingested 6.5 grams of psilocybin on my final night at the retreat— I knew that I would be given the space and the freedom to play. His disarming presence, his silence, seemed to suggest a complete equanimity for outer expression. You can say that he helped “set the stage,” so to speak.

John sat there on that balcony watching over me as I became so many things. Like the strong wind that blew on the island that night, I took on a variety of shapes. The characters that I played became the vehicles of my transformation, and it was John’s unwillingness to interfere, his ability to intuit, and his willingness to improvise that gave me the poetic license to see him how I wished. For this, I am forever grateful.”