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Living In Peace: Cancer Patients Extralegally Seeking Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy Amid DEA Suit

Welcome to day 13, PSYJuly! Today’s post is from Sasha T. Sisko exploring the world of underground therapy… . Imagine a world where you’re recovering from surgery, praying that your doctor will give you optimistic news about your cancer prognosis. Instead, you’re told that your tumor is more advanced than previously thought. They inform you […]

Syncing Psychedelic Sessions with Moon Cycles

Here we are, day 10, PSYJuly, Welcome back 🙂 Today we have a post from my great friend and spiritual ally Lucy Porter. I met Lucy in Mexico some years ago and we had some epic adventures together, spending our first days together in the desert eating peyote. Thrilled to share this piece from her […]

Lessons From Ayahuasca

Welcome back to PSYJuly, day 11! Today we have a post from the legend and personal growth ambadassador, Steve Pavlina. Steve’s work has been a huge inspiration for me over the past two years and having spoken to him briefly about our psychedelic experiences on a zoom call earlier this year, I sent him an […]

Twenty Plus Two: Sunrise αMT at Huangshan

Welcome to day 8 PSYJuly 🙂 In 2013, fellow seeker and Shanghai based expat Matt Nicol and I embarked on a journey to Huangshan, the famous Yellow Mountains of China. We did so armed with only two small backpacks, twenty joints, and two bombs of αMT. I am delighted to share Matt’s account of an […]