quick psychedelic preparation guide free

quick psychedelic preparation guide free

Want to make the most of your next psychedelic session?

Download your free Walkthrough Preparation Guide for Self-Organised Sessions:

Ease Your Mind

Get clarity on your session by systematically covering all the key aspects of preparation.

 ✅ Save Time

Streamline your prep and rest assured knowing you have all the supplies you need to journey like a pro.

 Check Compatibility

Go through the guide with fellow explorers and make sure you’re all on the same page.

John Robertson psychedelics

Hello explorer,

Through organising and facilitating hundreds of psychedelic sessions, I have learned two things:

  • Careful and considered preparation leads to more beneficial experiences
  • Careful and considered preparation takes time

So I made this simple guide for organising psychedelic sessions. The guide offers a quick high level overview of all the key aspects of preparing for and organising a psychedelic session, alone or with friends.

I’ve been using this guide for years and I use this guide and framework every time I organise a session with friends. It can help you to get clarity on your session, streamline your prep, and assess group compatibility, all so you are ready to make the most of your experience.

I wish you safe and wonderful journeys,