“What a focused, kind and genuine person to have there. It’s a potentially vulnerable and meaningful time when you’re experiencing psilocybin. John was engaged, thoughtful and interested in being a positive presence for me. At one point, I had a sense of doom about being male and he deftly reassured me that I was okay and safe and shed some perspective light on the existential crisis. I’d like to thank him very much for his involvement in this psychedelic healing work.”

As soon as I arrived I felt held by John and the team. I also felt totally safe and trusting of their expertise, experience and guidance. They quickly forged a gentle bond in our group and allowed space for us all to build our own individual journeys. The ceremony and the hard work New Moon put in to the retreat means that this process meets you where you are at. I left feeling huge shifts at a conscious and a cellular level in my body. I’m just so grateful for the kindness the team exhibited; the patience and time. It’s taught me so much and augmented my personal growth in a way I never knew would be possible. I’m not sure what I expected before I went, but I don’t think I expected to feel so fondly and cherish the memories I’ve built with New Moon.

“I met John at a group 10 day psilocybin mushroom retreat I attended. I was at the retreat to heal past childhood sexual abuse so it was absolutely necessary to feel safe and supported by those holding space and facilitating while I journeyed. I felt totally safe and supported by John as a facilitator. John’s energy and demeanour instantly put me at ease. He is easy to talk to and confide in. As a woman, having a male presence holding space helped me connect with these wounds since they did take place with a male. Because I felt safe with John I was able to go there. His compassion, non judgement and his passion for this work was palpable.”

“First met John November of 2017 when I was participating at a magic mushroom retreat in Jamaica. While there I went on 4 journeys. John was an excellent facilitator then and he was only just beginning. A wonderful person to integrate with and someone who present an aura of calm and safety while in the space. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who is seeking a sitter.”

“One could not hope for a nicer, more attentive, more chill human being than John when exploring psychedelics for the first time. John listens to you with with his whole attention and is eager to hear what you have to say. He has a good energy for this work. Recommended!”

“I went to Jamaica to a psilocybin women’s retreat in March 2018 pursuing a spiritual journey. John was our guardian during the trips as well as an emotional support. He was incredibly kind and a steady reassuring presence, radiating goodness and always willing to help. In my main trip he appeared as a guardian light, and it was him I would go to for help.”

“At my personal mushroom retreat I found John to be a very compassionate and understanding guide. We were doing high doses of mushrooms on this retreat and John was a steady presence during all our sessions. I would highly recommend John as a facilitator for psychedelic experiences. ”

“John and his team approach this work with integrity and care. It is evident his whole team are motivated above all by the potential of this work to bring healing.
My ceremony was emotionally challenging but I felt supported and infinitely cared for throughout. It was a cathartic, painful, powerful experience I would not have missed for the world.
I haven’t had a private session with John yet – my experience was in a group retreat that he ran with New Moon – but I’m delighted to hear that he is starting up private sessions, I will be back as soon as I possibly can!

“I attended a psilocybin retreat in May 2018 as a first-timer to psychedelics. Feeling safe and secure during the sessions was of outmost importance to me. John attended as a facilitator and was part of providing the particular safety needed. Also, I found John to be attuned to my experience during the sessions and he was available on request if needed. All in all, I have no hesitations in recommending John as a facilitator in a psilocybin retreat.”

“After having arrived in Jamaica for the Mycomeditations retreat, I began talking to John at a restaurant outside of the airport. We spoke about my reasons for considering psilocybin, and I remember thinking that he was a receptive and kind-hearted person. John has the seriousness and respect for the psychedelic experience that most people will never be able to acquire no matter how many times they dose. His body language and his speech are very deliberate. When I discovered that John would be my sitter—just before I ingested 6.5 grams of psilocybin on my final night at the retreat— I knew that I would be given the space and the freedom to play. His disarming presence, his silence, seemed to suggest a complete equanimity for outer expression. You can say that he helped “set the stage,” so to speak.

John sat there on that balcony watching over me as I became so many things. Like the strong wind that blew on the island that night, I took on a variety of shapes. The characters that I played became the vehicles of my transformation, and it was John’s unwillingness to interfere, his ability to intuit, and his willingness to improvise that gave me the poetic license to see him how I wished. For this, I am forever grateful.”

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