Would you like to talk to an experienced psychedelic guide?

I would like to support you on your path of personal exploration through psychedelics.

I have experience in facilitating, participating, assisting and organising 200+ psychedelic sessions.

I offer one on one consultations and coaching calls on preparation, integration, and microdosing.

I draw upon my experience as a practitioner and facilitator, trainings in meditation and mindfulness, and studies in contemporary psychedelic research and psychedelic therapy.


One 50 minute video or voice call is 60-100 €, depending on your means.

I also offer packages for those wanting coaching over a period of sessions. Pricing and spacing to be discussed on an individual basis.


  • Physical, mental and spiritual preparation practices
  • Dosage
  • Potential guides and tripsitters
  • Planning the session day or personal retreat
  • Choosing the setting
  • Logistical prep; choosing music, how to prepare the space and setup etc.
  • How to prepare yourself; Mindset, clearing, resourcing.
  • Establishing a meditation practice, exploring different mindfulness practices.
  • Self reflection: introspection, journaling, biographical work.


  • Discussion of experience
  • Identifying key themes
  • Exploring: What would successful integration look like?
  • Envisioning a new future
  • Laying out a path

  • Identifying obstacles

  • Applying insights

    • Coaching and support in transitions and lifestyle design
    • Creating new grooves; establishing habits and healthier patterns


  • Microdosing protocols

    • Dosage
    • How to
    • Creating a ritual
    • Setting intentions
    • Journaling and tracking

Other topics

  • Working as a guide
  • Music to use for sessions
  • Guided experience vs. self organised
  • Which retreat to go on
  • How to navigate difficult parts of a journey
  • Establishing an ongoing psychedelic practice

If you would like coaching over a number of sessions, our first call will be an exploration call at no charge. The call is a chance for us to get acquainted, gain a deeper understanding of your motivations and intentions, and a chance for you to ask any questions. We will discuss how we will work together and how I can best support you. I will individualise my approach to suit you according to your needs. This includes how I will support you, price, and spacing/rhythm of calls.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your path.

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