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Welcome to Maps of the Mind

The purpose of Maps of the Mind is to help you grow through the safe, deliberate and intentional psychedelic experiences.

We do this through:

•   Providing resources; practical and educational information on how to have safe and beneficial psychedelic experiences and develop mindfulness practices.

•   1-1 coaching and consultations about preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences.

•   Private sessions: Privately facilitated psychedelic experiences.

The website of Maps of the Mind is a place to offer resources, information and services at the cross section of personal growth and awareness practices. If this is your first time here, take a look at the most popular posts.

Core Values of Maps of the Mind


Explore with curiosity.
Discover new lands.


Be awed at the wonder of existence.
Feel joy at being alive.


Feel from the heart.
Follow the path of courage.


Uncover your unique voice.
Express your originality.


Develop insight and good judgement.
Act on knowledge and experience.


Deepen understanding of your story.
Find purpose through meaning.


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