Hamilton Morris on the Joe Rogan Podcast | Psychedelics, Psychoactives & Drugs

A couple years ago Hamilton Morris went on Joe Rogan’s podcast in what is still one of my favourite conversations that I’ve heard on psychedelics and drugs in general.

Hamilton, who has been described as a human Erowid (an online drug resource), is a writer, documentarian, psychonaut and scientific researcher. On this podcast, now at over 7 million views, Hamilton and Joe cover a lot of ground and highlights include the topics of pharmacological determinism (a term Morris uses to describe the flawed notion that a certain drug will always have a certain effect), and the topic of legalisation and cognitive liberty.



“We need to emphasize our right to explore altered states of consciousness, regardless of whether or not they’re therapeutic, safe, traditional, or spiritual. The point isn’t that it’s safe. The point is that if you want to live in a free society, you have to be allowed to take a certain amount of risk.”

You can read notes on the show here and listen to the full conversation here:

If you enjoyed the conversation, check out the show Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, a docuseries that follows him as he explores the history, chemistry, and societal impact of psychoactive substances. Well worth a watch.