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My Intentions For The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer

Next week I will begin The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer, a comprehensive six-week course on developing the ability to use psychedelics for insight, healing, and growth. We start on Monday, and signups close in 3 days, at midnight this Friday, the 14th of October. Ahead of the course, I wanted to refresh and share my intentions […]

Psychedelic Compatibility

I define psychedelic compatibility as:
The level at which two or more people are able to trip together without problems or conflict.

It might also be understood as the ability for multiple people to successfully journey together.

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Psychedelic Service Sheets

Taking a high dose of a psychedelic still scares me. This is true even after having embarked upon many high dose sessions. One thing that I’ve found helps me to find a sense of calm is having some kind of structure to the session. Sometimes for my trips I will have a very minimal structure. […]