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Mindfulness Practices for Psychedelic Explorers

Everyone serious long term psychedelic practitioner should have something of a mindfulness practice. But beyond basic mindfulness, what types of meditation are most useful for the inner explorer? This post will look at three that are especially helpful for navigating inner journeys. Conscious Relaxation RAIN Letting Go Conscious Relaxation  Relaxation is easing tension and softening […]

Basics for Tripping in Nature

Tripping in nature is awesome. The difficulty is that it’s an uncontrolled environment. Tripping safely and making the most of your time in the great outdoors can be helped hugely by some simple preparation. Here are five tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the experience without getting bogged down in logistics. Some of […]

Exploring the Intersection of Psychedelics and Meditation

Two years ago I had the pleasure of attending the World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 in the sunny Spanish city of Girona. The conference was an embarrassment of riches when it came to the opportunities to speak with knowledgeable people in the field, so I focused on connecting with those specialised in a topic I’m particularly […]


How To Avoid Nausea When Taking Psilocybin

A reader recently reached out to me and asked about dealing with nausea from psilocybin. This is a common issue with shrooms so in an effort to find out more, I put it out there to the psychedelic Twitter community. With the help of a retweet from The Daily Shroom I received a wide variety […]