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Combining LSD & MDMA: Candyflipping to Heal Complex Trauma

This is a guest post from the great Theo. Find him on his website Untangling Self or Twitter. – Combining LSD (enhanced creativity and imaginal powers) and MDMA (radical love and emotional safety) to heal complex trauma (#cPTSD) ft. Ideal Parent Figure Protocol Understanding Complex Trauma: More Than Just Events You know how we have […]

Transformative Journeys: How Kristi Unlocked Healing and Growth Through The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of healing, insight, and personal growth with psychedelics? Meet Kristi, a member of The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer. The Conscious Psychedelic Explorer is my flagship program for using psychedelics for healing, insight, and growth. In it we go step-by-step with preparing for, setting up, navigating, and integrating […]