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Platforms of Psychedelic Experience

It can be hard to make sense of the mysterious experiences and unfamiliar realities we are plunged into in deep psychedelic states. For this reason it can be useful to have some kind of map of the psychedelic terrain. In his book LSD and the Mind of the Universe, Christopher Bache follows Stan Grof in […]

The Shamanic Persona

The shamanic persona is a concept introduced by psychedelic explorer and author Christopher Bache. The term was included in the appendix at the back of his 2019 book LSD And The Mind Of The Universe as he attempts to explain what exactly is dying and being reborn in our psychedelic sessions. He proposes four such […]


Best Practices For Tripsitters

As psychedelics continue to gain popularity, there are more and more people beginning to offer their services as a tripsitter. At this point in history we are in a transitional phase where lots of people are using psychedelics, but there aren’t really any established structures and training programmes around to support safe use.  As it […]

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5 Quotes on Meditation & Psychedelics

Are you serious about your development on the medicine path? Today I’d like to invite you to consider these quotes from experienced psychonauts.   “The longer I have worked with psychedelics, the more convinced I have become that a daily meditation practice is vital to harnessing the waves of energy and insight that sweep through […]


Psychedelic Exploration

In his book LSD and the Mind of the Universe, philosophy professor and extreme psychonaut Christopher Bache shares his journey of cosmic discovery through an extended series of high dose LSD sessions over the course of two decades. In this book he talks about a psychedelic protocol which he unintentionally developed on his path: Psychedelic […]