Welcome to the homepage for PSYJuly 2021: a month-long online blogging carnival to celebrate psychedelics.

Here you will find links to all of the articles featured in this year’s PSYJuly. This page will be updated throughout the month, so you can check back here to browse what is available and glimpse upcoming posts.

PSYJuly 2021 Lineup

0. PSYJuly Welcome & Introduction

1. The Medicine Path – Julian Vayne
Adapted from the opening section of the modern classic Getting Higher, this article addresses the simple question ‘why take psychedelic drugs?’

2. How to Survive the Psychedelic Renaissance – Leia Friedman
An action list of tips and prompts to help psychedelic activists, therapists, enthusiasts, researchers, and beyond as we traverse this uncharted territory. Includes commentary from a psychological, social and environmental justice lens.

3. Do You Respect Psychedelics?

4. Guidelines for Tripsitters: Chapter Summary from Psychedelic Psychotherapy by R. Coleman – Ekaterine Kobaladze

5. Best Practices for Serious Psychonauts

6. Keeping a Drug Journal

7. The Ritual: A Framework for Psychedelic Journeys – Robert Funke

8. Twenty Two Plus One: Sunrise αMT at Huangshan – Matt Nicol

9. The Three Phases of Psychedelic Integration – Peter Conley

10. Syncing Psychedelic Sessions with Moon Cycles – Lucy Porter

11. Lessons from Ayahuasca – Steve Pavlina

12. Disconnect to Connect: Go Offline for Your Psychedelic Journeys

13. Living In Peace: Cancer Patients Extralegally Seeking Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy Amid DEA Suit – Sasha T. Sisko

14. Food Suggestions for Before, During, and After Psychedelic Sessions

15. Tripping as a Tool for Self-Realization – Cody Johnson

16. Liberate Psychedelics for Freedom

17. Creating Music Playlists for Psychedelic Journeys – Max

18. Psychedelic Surrender – Kerrie O’Reilly

19. Working at Legal Psychedelic Retreats Around The World – Mark Haberstroh

20. How Often Should I Take Psychedelics?

21. Themed Psychedelic Sessions

22. Psychedelic Activity Menus: Having Options for Your Session

23. Mindful Use of Nitrous Oxide: How to be a Connoisseur of Getting High – Kieron Ramsay

24. The Lilly Psychonautic Centre – A Vision of the Future

25. The Graeme Carl Scale: 5 Levels of a Psychedelic Experience

26. 2 Music Playlists For Therapeutic MDMA Sessions

27. Learning How To Use Psychedelics

28. How to Optimise Psychedelic Setting: Stations, Spaces, and Places

29. Insights on The Power of Groups in Psychedelic Integration

30. When You’re Tripping, Treat Yourself Like a Child

31. Improving Y/Our Relationship with Psychedelics

Thank to all the contributors and readers for this year’s PSYJuly. See you next year!